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  • Welcome to ATI

  • Welcome to ATI

  • Water treatment processes demand the best quality water

  • Compliance and energy efficiency are key to waste water treatment

  • Safety Safety Safety, priority in the petrochemical industry

  • Water quality is vital to many pharmaceutical processes

  • Food and drink production needs good water quality

  • How to change a membrane of a chlorine sensor

  • Welcome to ATI

ATi is the fastest growing specialist electrochemical sensor manufacturer in the UK, providing award winning customer support, efficient and cost effective products and decades of industry experience. We provide the highest quality monitoring solutions available, allowing our customers to ensure a safe, efficient and healthy environment. 


The ATi UK team are based in England and act as the European headquarters, with offices also in the US, allowing the company to deliver solutions across the globe.  From the US we design, manufacture and distribute analytical instrumentation, based on electrochemical and optical sensors. Our specialist gas detectors and water monitors, including chlorine analysers, ammonia sensors, sulphide monitorsoxygen monitors, hydrogen detectors, and network monitors, provide support for the most demanding of applications. Our emphasis on simplicity of design and ease of service make ATi products an excellent choice.

Clients / Accreditations


22 Jun

atiuk @atiuk

ATi's Dr Chlorine has just given his SWIG presentation “Online Sensors For Water Treatment Control” – we hope all the attendees enjoyed it!


13 Sep

atiuk @atiuk

ATi would like to wish all our Jewish followers a happy new year. RoshHashanah


28 Aug

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Enjoy your bank holiday weekend!


21 Jun

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Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!


18 Jun

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Happy Ramadan wishes to all our followers celebrating! HappyRamadan


29 May

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Wishin all our customers a great Bank Holiday weekend!


01 May

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Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend!


23 Apr

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Happy St George’s Day from everyone at ATi! StGeorgesDay


05 Apr

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Happy Easter from everyone at ATi!


25 Mar

atiuk @atiuk

Check out this exciting range of activities to raise awareness for saving water and some ideas and tips to help you do it....

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