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Business Ethics


Customer Service Excellence

ATi are dedicated to providing an excellent customer service to our current and future customers and are committed to meet all of our customer requirements as soon as possible. All members of ATi staff have undertaken world class Gustav Kaser training to help ensure our customers receive the best possible service available.



All decisions and commitments are based on specialised knowledge and experienced and we will accept any responsibility for our actions.


Community and Environment

Many ATi employees and customers live locally. Whenever an opportunity arises ATi offer charitable support. ATi have also undertaken the carbon reduction programme empowered by Achilles to help save energy and reduce its CO2 emissions. ATi are in the process of having equipment tested to meet specific regulatory requirements governed by the Environment Agency. The aim is to have all instruments meeting the standards approved by the Environment Agency.



Analytical Technology provides its services with honesty, and integrity. 



All departments at ATi work very closely with each other. To ensure good company morale all team members support and encourage each other’s efforts both professionally and personally.

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