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Huddersfield, UK

Supply and installation of dissolved H2S monitors


Rotherham, UK

Supply of gas detection

United Utilities

Franklaw WTW, UK

Supply of portable chlorine monitors

United Utilities

Murdishaw WTW, UK

Supply of chlorine monitors

Yorkshire Water

Highshaw WTW, UK

Supply and installation of chlorine monitors

United Utilities

Mitchells House WTW, UK

Supply of chlorine monitors

United Utilities

Abbeytown outfall, UK

Supply of dissolved H2S monitors

Yorkshire Water

Calder Valley WwTw

Supply of specialised pH monitors

Scottish Water

Blackridge WwTW

Supply of ammonia monitors

Gebruder Heyl


Supply of dissolved ozone monitors



Supply of ORP monitors (1)



Supply of ORP monitors (2)

Irish Council

East Ireland

Supply of H202 monitors

Christ Aqua

Basle Switzerland

Supply of dissolved ozone monitors

USF Water Purification GmBH


Supply of residual sulphite

Burntwood Valves

Kent, UK

Supply of CO2 gas detectors

Anglian Water


Supply of residual sulphite monitors

United Utilities


Technology Comparison

Thames Water

Grimsbury WTW, UK

Supply and installation of residual chlorine monitors, digital gas transmitters and dissolved ozone monitors.

Thames Water

London Ring Main WTW, UK

Supply and installation of chlorine monitors

Anglian Water

Whittingham WwTW, UK

Supply and commissioning wet scrubber H2S emission monitors.

Integrated Effluent Solutions

North of England WwTW, UK

Supply and commissioning of autoclean MLSS monitors

United Utilities

Leyland and Chorley WwTW, UK

Supply, install, commissioning and service of final effluent ammonia monitors

Northern Ireland Water

Ballyclare WwTW, UK

Supply, commissioning and training for final effluent ammonia monitors

Yorkshire Water

Keldgate WTW, UK

Supply of particle counters

Blue Planet Aquarium

Cheshire Oaks

Supply and installation of Intrinsically Safe Gas Transmitter


East Ireland

Project Type

Private water scheme, supply of H202 monitors

Project Duration


Project Value

£5 K

Completion Date


Project Summary

H2O2 is being used in certain parts of Ireland as an alternative to HOCL (free chlorine). H2O2 is preferred due to the improved taste. A big player in this market that specialises in H2O2 dosing equipment and chemicals has installed multiple systems across Ireland. ATi was contacted by both Veolia Water and Aquachem (contractors that installed the systems) to supply the H2O2 monitors to assist with dosing and control. The council representatives were present when commissioning the units this year. One of the two units did not require calibration and the other unit remained within calibration after several months in operation. 

Project Scope

  • Supply of monitors 
  • Calibration and commissioning 
  • Training 

Added Value/Benefits

Dosing H2O2 to a 5 ppm residual to maintain clean, safe drinking water to Louth Council. The specific H2O2 dosing arrangement uses H2O2 + Silver. There was some uncertainty, that this type of technology would not work properly when using the ATi monitor. The Q45H84 monitors worked without calibration on one site, the other one was calibrated several months earlier but was still within spec.

  • Accurate measurement of H202 to control a dose.
  • Service, commissioning and training
  • Reduced running/capital costs 

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