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Food & drink Solution

If you are working in the food and drink processing industry you already recognise the value of water as a vital part of the product or as an important component of the waste streams. Analytical Technology works with many of the world’s leading brands in areas as diverse as soft drink manufacture, meat processing and chocolate production. Our customers include Cadbury, Anheuser Busch, Bernard Matthews, Coca Cola, and Hershey.


Ozone, chlorine and chlorine dioxide are commonly used to disinfect process water and wash water. The ATi Q series product range and associated flow cells allow cost effective direct measurement of these components in water. The disinfecting gases are usually produced or stored on site. There is always the potential of a gas leak causing personal injury. As a manufacturer of electrochemical sensors Analytical Technology is uniquely placed to offer solutions for measurement and control of dissolved gases and toxic gas detection systems that are often needed for health and safety reasons.


Ammonia is a common refrigerant. Many process uses water chillers based on ammonia heat exchangers. ATi‘s high sensitivity dissolved ammonia monitors give our customers reassurance that there are no leaks in the system by detecting ammonia breakthrough in the chilled water. The dissolved ammonia monitor ensures that energy costs associated with chilling are kept to a minimum and also assures that the chilled water, which often comes in direct contact with product, is not contaminated.

Water quality

Many food and drink process need water of a high quality with a know pH and conductivity. You can rely on ATi to provide sensor to measure conductivity and pH in ultra pure water, process water and waste water. We can provide specialised fittings and connections to allow use of the sensors in pipelines, in tanks and under pressure.

Waste Water

Many of our customers have their own waste water treatment plants. Our decades of experience in the municipal waste water treatment industry allows us to help many customer s with measurement of parameters like dissolved oxygen, pH, ammonia and suspended solids that are key parameters for optimum control of these processes.

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