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2-Wire Toxic Gas Transmitter

Very simple 2 wire transmitter

ATI Model (B12)

The 2-wire toxic gas transmitter provides monitoring of hazardous gases in ambient air reliably and economically. Its flexible nature allows it to provide a variety of options to meet individual gas detection and alarm requirements.

How it works:

A reliable electrochemical gas sensor is mounted inside the small and easy to locate two -wire transmitter. The detection system can be located where required and consist of individual modules.

Features and Benefits:

  • For special applications, the unit can be supplied with separate sensors that can be located up to 25 feet from the transmitter. Sensor duct mounting adapters and sensor flow cells can also be provided for specific applications.

Technical Specifications:

  • Gas Type: Customer-selected from available sensor list
  • Range: Supplied with standard range for each gas unless otherwise specified
  • Accuracy: Generally ±5% of value, but limited by available calibration gas accuracy
  • Electronic Repeatability: ±1% of full scale

Please download the technical documentation for further details.

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