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Hydrogen peroxide monitor

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IsoMon Hydrogen Peroxide Monitor

Hydrogen peroxide is extensively used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries to sanitise working environments. It is often necessary to make measurements at a high range 0-100 or 0-1000ppm to ensure that sanitisation has taken place and then to have to take a measurement at a much lower range, 0-1ppm to ensure that either the area is safe to re-enter (room monitoring)  or that product can be introduced (isolator monitoring).

It is not possible to make these measurements with a single sensor, the high range H2O2 concentration would saturate the low range sensor and the high range sensor does not have good enough resolution at the low range.

With this is in mind ATi developed the dual sensor IsoMon. A fully automated sample switching arrangement uses the most appropriate sensor for the measurement. This protects the low sensor and gives the most appropriate measuring range.

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