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Ozone Standard Generator

ATI Model (A23-14)

The portable ozone generator produces ozone gas concentration below 1 PPM, which can be used for detector calibration at almost any location.

Ozone gas is increasingly used for water treatment, odour control, and food processing. Due to the expansion in ozone generators and ozone leak detectors, there is the need to generate the low level ozone gas required to calibrate ozone sensors.

How it works:

The generator uses a compressed air cylinder to supply dry air to an ultraviolet cell where ozone gas is formed. The resulting flow of air with a small amount of ozone exits the generator cell through fluorocarbon outlet tubing that is used to deliver the ozone standard to a gas sensor.

Features and Benefits:

  • The ozone generators are supplied in a durable moulded case, with sufficient space for outlet tubing and calibration adapters. The basic kit contains the generator, one 103 litre air cylinder with fixed flow regulator, and 3 feet of outlet tubing.

Technical Specifications:

  • Generator Type: Ultraviolet.
  • Output: Nominally 0.8 PPM, but individually certified.
  • Accuracy: ±0.1 PPM
  • Warm-up Time: 1 minute.
  • Air Supply: 103 litre cylinder with fixed flow regulator.
  • Outlet Flow: 500 cc per minute.

Please download the technical documentation for further details.


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