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“Wet Gas” Transmitter

ATI Model (B12)

The wet gas transmitter system was developed to provide reliable measurements in wet scrubber outlets for other gas streams that might be saturated with water vapour.

Wet scrubber systems are being increasingly used to control air emissions – chlorine storage facilities and chemical process plants are frequently required to scrub exhaust gas streams to remove halogen and acid gases.

Unfortunately, monitoring reactive gas concentrations in moisture saturated air streams presents problems for standard diffusion sensors. Condensing water in these air lines can quickly blind diffusion sensors, rendering them inoperable.

How it works:

The basic B12 Wet Gas System consists of a loop-powered 2-wire transmitter and a corrosion resistant sensor specifically engineered to operate at 100% RH. Sensors are designed for direct insertion into vent stacks, or may be used in a flowcell if sample can be pumped to the sensor.

When remote display and alarm relay functions are required, the B12 Wet Gas Transmitters can be connected to ATI's B14 Alarm Receiver System. This system will provide direct digital display of gas concentration, plus 3 alarm setpoints, remote alarm reset input, and retransmitted 4-20 mA output. Or, the B12 transmitter may be used separately and tied directly to the users' DCS, PLC, or other equipment.

Features and Benefits:

  • Versatility – the B12 system provides a solution to various difficult monitoring circumstances and can be used in conjunction with the B14 alarm receiver system.

Technical Specifications:

  • Gas Type:
  • Oxidant gases: Cl2, Br2, ClO2, O3
  • Acid gases: HF, HCl Hydrogen

  • Range: 0-10, 0-20, 0-50, or 0-100 ppm for oxidant or acid gases. 0-2% or 0-10% for hydrogen
  • Accuracy: Generally ±5% of value, but limited by available calibration gas accuracy

Please download the technical documentation for further details.


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