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Electrochemical Sensors for Water, Air, and Gas Monitoring

We are specialists and experienced in the area of sensor design, manufacture, and application of reliable monitoring systems that are in use every day across many different industries.


Water Quality Monitoring

Reliable water quality monitoring is often required in various industries and applications such as wastewater, potable water, boiler feedwater, high purity water, industrial cooling water, and food processing wash water.

At the UK headquarters of Analytical Technologies, we can provide an extensive line of water quality monitoring instruments that help analyse and provide the information required for process control.

Some of our key products include 2-wire transmitters, complete analysers with PID control, and portable survey devices.


Air & Gas Monitoring

Safety in the workplace in industrial plant environments is an essential requirement. ATi has experience in the development and manufacturing of electrochemical sensors with toxic and combustible gas detection systems available. Our detection systems with unique self-checking sensor systems remain the standard for many toxic gas detection applications.

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