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Ammonia Monitor, Detectors, and Sensors

Ammonia Monitor

Ammonia (NH3) is a key industrial chemical and very often applied in its natural form. The most frequent is as a fertiliser but can be used in a wide range of treatment and manufacturing processes. In water and wastewater, pharmaceutical and food and drink industries, ammonia is quite commonly used for pH control. It is used as an acid neutraliser in the petroleum industry and in metal treatments for dissociation where a protective atmosphere is required.

The ATi ammonia monitor is available in two forms, the Q45/6N measure low level total ammonia and is especially suited to environmental applications such as river inlet monitoring or waste water final effluent. The Q45/6FN measures free and total ammonia and is designed for the control of chloramination processes.

Dissolved Ammonia Monitor (Q45/6N)
View our case studies for existing Q45N installations or contact us to discuss your individual application.

Ammonia Gas Detectors

If you are looking for a complete solution we also manufacture an ammonia gas leak detection systems.

Portable Gas Leak Detector (C16) Fixed Gas Detection (F12)
Online Data with Interchangeable Sensors Smart Sensors, Extra Relays, AutoTest Function

We have solutions for dissolved ammonia conductivity and concentration monitoring, with equipment that can be used in many environments such as water, air, and gas. Please contact one of our helpful team members for application specific information.

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