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Chlorine Analyser and Monitoring

Chlorine (Cl2) is a natural chemical element found on earth and sea, it is widely used in many industries and we manufacture a range of chlorine monitoring equipment that will help detect or analyse chlorine levels.


Chlorine Water Treatment and Quality

Chlorine is one of the most commonly used disinfectants for the deactivation of pathogenic organisms found in drinking water, swimming pools, and wastewater.

Free Chlorine (Q46H62) Combined Chlorine (Q46H63) Total Chlorine (Q45H79) Total Non Contact (Q45H79(S))
Potable Water Potable Water Potable Water Waste Water

Chlorine Gas Detectors

If you are looking for a complete solution we also manufacture chlorine gas leak detection systems.

Portable Gas Leak Detector (C16) Fixed Gas Detection (F12)
Online Data with Interchangeable Sensors Smart Sensors, Extra Relays, AutoTest Function

We have solutions for chlorine dioxide monitoring, residual chlorine maintenance, pH corrected chlorine sensors, gas buffered chlorine monitors and liquid buffered monitors.

Not just the monitor...

ATi also offer you triple and dual validated packages, backboard mounted with all electrical and water connections. Please contact one of our helpful team members for application specific information.

ATI MetrinetNephnetClornetAutoTest