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H202 Monitors 

Hydrogen peroxide is a safe effective disinfectant. Since the late 1990's the use of H2O2 has become more prevalent. Disinfection of hospital wards, pharmaceutical packing plants, aircraft with vapour phase H2O2 has led to a need for high H2O2 sensors to control the sanitisation process and for low level H2O2 sensor to confirm that area are safe for entry or for processing to start. ATi has a huge range of sensor and electronics packages to cover all the applications. 

H202 Water Monitors

Dissolved H2O2 is used to disinfect process equipment and bottles. ATi's Q45H84 gives reagent free direct measurement of dissolved H2O2 from ppb to ppm levels.

Hydrogen Peroxide Monitor (Q45H84)
Disinfection, bleaching, hydrogen sulphide removal, aqueous systems

H202 Gas Monitors

IsoMon Hydrogen Peroxide Monitor Intrinsically Safe Gas Transmitter (F12) 

2 channel gas detector, High & Low ranges of H2O2 IS, digital communications, AutoTest

Stationary Gas Monitor (A14/A11) Portable Gas Detector (C16)

Economic system with AutoTest
facility. Most suitable for standalone
multipoint applications
Pin point leak detection
ATI MetrinetNephnetClornetAutoTest