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Hydrogen Monitor, Analyser, and Detector

Hydrogen is valued greatly for its particularly low density, high thermal conductivity and its ability to reduce powerful chemical properties.

Many industries use small to medium amounts of hydrogen for example; semiconductor manufacturing, materials processing, generator cooling and chemical production.

ATi manufacture various gas detection systems that can sense, monitor and alarm when a hydrogen gas leak has occurred:

  • Toxic Gas Detection
  • Combustible Gas Detection
  • Portable

Click the links below for some of our most popular gas detectors:

2 wire or DC or AC Powered Gas Transmitter (F12) DC powered Gas Detection System (A14/A11) Battery Powered Portable (C16)
IS, digital communications, AutoTest Economic system with AutoTest facility. Most suitable for standalone multipoint applications Pin point leak detection
2 Wire Toxic Gas Transmitter (B12) Toxic Gas Transmitter (D12)
Explosion proof, digital communications, AutoTest Explosion proof, digital communications, AutoTest

Gas Accessories

The following gas monitoring accessories may be helpful:

Ozone Standard Generator (A23-14) Gas Sampling System (A21) 9-36VDC Powered Display (B14)
Traceable 1ppm ozone standards Pumps and flow control Used with any two wire transmitter

Our solutions cover hydrogen peroxide, sulphide, and fluoride monitoring. Please see our case studies or contact one of our helpful team members for application specific information.

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