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Network Monitors

ATi's NephNet and ClorNet portable network monitors are proven to provide accurate and reliable real-time data of events within the network, potentially weeks or months in advance of any customer service awareness. They alert utilities to anomalies in network behaviour and allow them to classify them. When used in conjunction with a modem and a web portal, the monitors can then geo-locate an event, identifying in which part of the network it is occurring. ATi took the decision not to compromise the measurement in pursuit of the “portability goal”. Full specification sensors with the same performance as the fixed wall mounted process monitors have been modified, upgraded and adapted to allow low power operation. This in turn allows operation in a battery powered mode.

Nephnet Portable Turbidity Monitor Chlornet
Potable Water Potable Water

Not just the monitor...

ATi also offer you triple and dual validated packages, backboard mounted with all electrical and water connections. Please contact one of our helpful team members for application specific information.