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Oxygen Monitor, Analyser, and Detector

By utilising an oxygen sensor, the measurement of oxygen (O2) within gas or liquid can be monitored and analysed to ensure quality levels are maintained. There are a number of different industries that make use of oxygen in either the gas or dissolved form:

  • Environmental protection in municipal and industrial effluent treatment plants
  • Healthcare
  • Metal refining and fabrication processes
  • Chemicals, pharmaceuticals and petroleum processing
  • Effluent treatment and pulp and paper bleaching- O2 Converted to O3

ATi manufacture the Dissolved Oxygen Monitor (Q45/6D) with both optical and membrane sensor technology available so the choice is yours.

Dissolved Oxygen Membrane Sensor (Q45/6D) Dissolved Oxygen Optical Sensor (Q45/6 ODO)

Waste Water/ Potable Water Waste Water/Potable Water

For waste water solutions, ATi monitors are available with the ATi AirBlast AutoClean system which provides excellent long term and low maintenance by self cleaning.

Oxygen Gas Detection

If you are looking for a complete solution we also manufacture an oxygen gas leak detection system.

Portable Gas Leak Detector (C16) Fixed Gas Detection (F12)
Online Data with Interchangeable Sensors Smart Sensors, Extra Relays, AutoTest Function

Our solutions include oxygen analysers and dissolved oxygen aeration lane monitoring in waste water treatment. Please visit the case study section to read about our existing applications and trial activity. Please contact one of our helpful team members for application specific information.

ATI MetrinetNephnetClornetAutoTest