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Ozone Monitors

Ozone is a powerful disinfectant gas. It is commonly used in water treatment to help breakdown organic matter prior to further treatment and also to remove colour. Ozonated water is routinely used in bottled water production. It is is used to sanitise ultrapure water loops found in the pharmaceutical and semi conductor fabrication industries.  ATi's Q45H64 uses a membraned polarographic sensor to give excellent accurate measurement from as low as 0-200ppb and as high as 0-2000ppm. 
Many processes using ozone are subject to strict health and safety regulations with respect to gas detection. Companies such as Thames Water, Yorkshire Water, Anglian Water, GSK and Xylem and use gas detectors featuring ATi's unique fully automatic fully integrated AutoTest system for applications when safety really matters.

Ozone Water Monitors

Dissolved Ozone Monitor (Q45H/64)
Continuous, online dissolved ozone monitoring, view our case study for more information:

Ozone Gas Monitors

Intrinsically Safe Gas Transmitter (F12) DC powered Gas Detection System (A14/A11) Battery Powered Portable (C16)
IS, digital communications, AutoTest Economic system with AutoTest facility. Most suitable for standalone multipoint applications Pin point leak detection
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