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Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) Analyser, Detector, Monitor

Hydrogen sulphide is a common nuisance found in waste water often causing odour issues.

Eliminating odour at the front end or in distribution is the aim of most companies treating waste water. Dosing of inhibitors and oxidants has traditionally been difficult to control.

ATi manufacture a range of instruments to assist with odour control and H2S measurement. Depending on your application, see the list below for the monitor that will best suit your requirements.

  1. Dissolved sulphide monitors for dosing control and compliance monitoring
  2. Scrubber monitors for compliance and efficiency monitoring
  3. Fixed gas detection with AutoTest for personnel protection and wet well monitoring
  4. Portable gas detection for leak detection and personnel protection 
Dissolved Sulphide Levels including Final Effluent (A15/81) Wet H2S Sensor for Scrubbers (Q45S)
Waste Water Waste Water

Sulphide / Sulfide Gas Detection

If you are looking for a complete solution we also manufacture sulphide gas leak detection systems.

Wet Gas Transmitter (B12) Portable Gas Leak Detector (C16) Fixed Gas Detection (F12)
Gas Detector Online Data with Interchangeable Sensors Smart Sensors, Extra Relays, AutoTest Function

We have solutions for sulphide monitoring, visit the case study section to read about our existing applications and trial activity. Please contact one of our team members for application specific information.

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