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Successful installation of conductivity monitor in ultra pure water

In early September, Interline in Holland were approached by Turbin BV from Tilburg. Turbin is a company specialized in water filtration, treatment and pumping systems. For their end customers, they have the task of making ultra-pure water from drinking water through filtration and de-ionization. 

Monitoring of water quality takes place by the online measurement of conductivity. The conductivity of ultrapure water is between 0 and 2 mS.  For this they had previously used the sensors of other manufacturers that were not suitable for use in this application. A requirement of the end customer for accepting the complete unit was a continuous monitoring of conductivity. For this reason Turbin looked at very short notice for a solution for the online measurement of conductivity in ultrapure water.

ATi provided Interline supplied Turbin with an ATi  Q45C2 conductivity sensor type  within one day of their request.  Within a total of 2 days this was installed at Turbin’s end customer. AT first it seemed that the sensor failed because it did not agree with the reference.  In line with ATi’s commitment to customer service  another conductivity monitor was the very next day. This monitor had undergone an extra calibration and test session before shipment.

 After installation in the Turbin system both ATi sensors where placed in a reference sample for validation. Both sensors gave the same conductivity value. This gave Turbin good confidence that they installed the right sensors . It was later discovered that the reference monitor was not working.

After installation in the de-ionization sensor system responded exactly as expected by Turbin. Turbin is very pleased with the sensor response, but also the service of  both ATi and Interline. Turbin expects to buy more of our sensors in the future.

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