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Wessex Framework

ATi is pleased to announce that following a tender and evaluation procedure Wessex Water has awarded us a framework contract for the Q45N total ammonia monitor for final effluent monitoring on waste water treatment plants. Reliable and accurate low level ammonia monitoring in final effluent is important because ammonia consents are becoming ever tighter. Wessex Water selected the monitor for its combination of technical performance and good whole life costs. “

This award is part of an increased general interest in low level ammonia monitoring in rivers, in reservoir and in discharges form waste water treatment plants.

The ATi ammonia monitor uses a unique detection chemistry to give unprecedented low level sensitivity. By converting ammonia to monochloramine the chemistry module gives a five times uplift in sensitivity. (1ppm ammonia converts to 5ppm monochloramine). Our own in house work with ion selective electrode technology indicates that the Q45N ammonia is best applied at the 0-10ppm range with ISE being more appropriate for higher levels, in aeration lanes or raw effluent for example.

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