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Yorkshire Water rolls out ATi chlorine monitors

YWS initiated a Framework in 2009 for bufferless chlorine monitors, and after the initial qualification stage, two suppliers were selected for an in-depth technical evaluation. ATi and one other company’s products were compared against the benchmark buffered units for an eight month period with a wide variety of water types at four water treatment works. The ATi monitors required very little maintenance and calibration during the trial period, reflecting ATi’s vast experience with membrane technology. The trial proved that the membranes would not require replacing for at least six months at all but high manganese sites. Following final negotiations, the Framework was awarded to ATi and the asset replacement scheme commenced in 2010. Over 450 chlorine monitors will be replaced over a three to four year period.

When comparing ATi against benchmark monitors Alan Henson Project Manager of Yorkshire Water commented:

“ATi came out comfortably the best performer, and ATi’s vast experience with membrane technology places them ahead of most of their competitors who are only just adopting the technology”

The first site was Harlow Hill WTW near Harrogate, and ATi provided a supply, install and commission service, including the provision of instrument back boards. To facilitate a quick and reduced risk changeover, ATi installed the monitors alongside existing equipment. After a short bedding in period the plant was switched over to ATi control.

The senior operator at Harlow Hill Steve Thompson is in his own words is “over the moon” with the new equipment. He says that “after they have settled down they are always spot on and give no trouble”.

Further installations at Eccup, Headingley and the Yorkshire Dales sites followed the same pattern.  

Yorkshire Water Asset Reliability Manager Rod Back added 'The instruments have performed well with little or no issues; chlorine control has been good and has not contributed to any call outs. It is nice to have standard instruments which can be calibrated and cleaned easily'

The Phase 1 roll out has been successfully completed - 75 monitors have been installed at 12 sites in the North & Dales areas with a mixture of buffered, bufferless and pH corrected units deployed depending on water quality and expected pH range.

Yorkshire Water has recently approved funding for Phase 2, to complete the region wide asset replacement of chlorine monitors. This will be 377 monitors at a further 31 WTW's and 20 secondary chlorination sites.

Alan Henson added:

“The first monitors were installed well over six months ago, and have required very little maintenance. Once the roll-out has been completed, the scheme will have realised around £335K of OPEX savings per annum, and operators will no longer have to manhandle 25 litre containers of buffer around our sites.

ATi have provided an excellent service and it is a pleasure working with a company who are very customer focused.”
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