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Pharmaceutical Solutions

Water plays a key role in many pharmaceutical processes. It is a vital component of a product or it is the media in which key chemical reactions take place. If you are working in this industry you already recognise the value of water and of monitoring the quality of water.

Analytical Technology works with many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical brands and also with many of the world’s leading providers of pure water production systems. Our customers include manufacturers such as Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and system providers such as Christ, Wedeco, and Gebruder Heyl.


Within the pharmaceutical industry the solutions we have provided most often are packages for measurement of dissolved ozone. Ozone is used to sanitise ultrapure water loops. At various points in the ultrapure water loop it is vital to know either the level of ozone during sanitisation or that equally vitally that there is no ozone remaining in the water after sanitisation. The ATi Q45H64 range offers you flexibility with the measuring range, type of process installation as well as power supply and communications options.

The ozone is almost always generated ‘in situ’ and there is always the small risk of a gas leak causing personal injury.

As a manufacturer of electrochemical sensors Analytical Technology is uniquely placed to offer solutions for measurement and control of dissolved gases and toxic gas detection systems that are often needed for health and safety reasons. The pharmaceutical industry is rightly proud of its attention to health and safety and at ATi we feel the same. Our ozone gas detection system is available with the ATi AutoTest feature. This tests your sensors with gas every day and reports back to you on the condition of the sensor.

Water quality

Most pharmaceutical process need ultrapure water with a know pH and conductivity. You can rely on ATi to provide sensor to measure conductivity and pH in ultra pure water, process water and waste water. We can provide specialised fittings and connections to allow use of the sensors in pipelines, in tanks and under pressure.

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