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Process efficiency, safety, environmental compliance, process control. We work with many of the world’s leading water treatment, food processing, petrochemical and pharmaceutical companies providing more than a monitor. We have decades of experience on what to install, where to install it and more importantly how to keep it running.


Food and Drink

If you are working in the food and drink processing industry you already recognise the value of water as a vital part of the product or as an important component of the waste streams. Analytical Technology works with many of the world’s leading brands in areas as diverse as soft drink manufacture, meat processing and chocolate production. Our customers include Cadbury, Anheuser Busch, Bernard Matthews, Coca Cola, and Hershey.

Disinfection Refrigeration Water quality Waste Water


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One of the key words in your industry is safety. Analytical Technology manufactures gas detections systems in use in some vital production processes. We work off-shore providing systems for detection of toxic gases such as hydrogen sulphide (H2S), we work on refineries measuring hydrogen fluoride (HF) on crackers and our AutoTest gas detectors are in use measuring chlorine, ammonia, phosphine and scores of other gases.


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Water plays a key role in many pharmaceutical processes. It is a vital component of a product or it is the media in which key chemical reactions take place. If you are working in this industry you already recognise the value of water and of monitoring the quality of water.

Analytical Technology works with many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical brands and also with many of the world’s leading providers of pure water production systems. Our customers include manufacturers such as Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer and system providers such as Christ, Wedeco, and Gebruder Heyl.

Disinfection Water quality


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Potable Water

Drinking water is a precious resource. High quality and high reliability monitoring are vital to the safe and efficient production of potable water. We work with many of Europe’s largest water companies our customers include United Utilities, Thames Water, Scottish Water, Anglian Water, South West Water, Severn Trent Water and Yorkshire Water.

 Disinfection pH measurement Turbidity


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Waste Water

The environment in the widest possible sense is ever more important. Waste water treatment plays a massive role in the state of the environment. The processes need to be well controlled to produce high quality effluent but they also need to be optimised to minimise the energy use associated with treatment. We work with many of Europe’s largest waste water companies our customers include United Utilities, Thames Water, Scottish Water

Process Optimisation Final Effluent Monitoring


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Network Monitoring

Network Monitoring helps utilities ensure that water of the correct quality flows continuously and smoothly to consumers. It also provides network engineers with the functionality they need to manage the performance of the distribution network, enabling improved customer service whilst reducing the cost of network operations. ATi's NephNet and ClorNet portable network monitors are proven to provide accurate and reliable real-time data of events within the network, potentially weeks or months in advacne of any customer service awareness. They alert utilities to anomalies in network behaviour and allow them to classify them. When used in conjunction with a modem and a web portal, the monitors can then geo-locate an event, identifying in which part of the network it is occurring. Full specification sensors with the same performance as the fixed wall mounted process monitors have been modified, upgraded and adapted to allow low power operation. This in turn allows operation in a battery powered mode.


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