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Waste Water Solutions

The environment in the widest possible sense is ever more important. Waste water treatment plays a massive role in the state of the environment. The processes need to be well controlled to produce high quality effluent but they also need to be optimised to minimise the energy use associated with treatment. We work with many of Europe’s largest waste water companies our customers include United Utilities, Thames Water, Scottish Water

Process Optimisation

Reliable, accurate measurement and control of dissolved oxygen is a key part of process optimisation for the activated sludge process commonly waste water treatment. Analytical Technology has designed an automatic cleaning system that is second to none. A directed pressurised air blast efficiently removes all biological material from the sensor. This means that you will never have to manually clean an ATi sensor. Clean sensors gives you better readings, better readings allow better control of aeration and this saves you money.

Final Effluent Monitoring

Stricter environmental consents are coming into force regularly. pH, suspended solids and ammonia are key parameters. The AutoClean system allows you to deploy these monitors and get months of low maintenance reliable monitoring. We have MCERTS for our pH and ammonia monitors.

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