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 A portable battery powered distribution monitoring for residual chlorine.

 The Chlornet has been designed to fit in to small spaces and has the ability to be installed in hydrant chambers. It can also be utilised for temporary installations at any site.


  • Compact and easy to install.
  • Enables chlorine monitoring in the distribution network as well as at distribution sites such as reservoirs and booster stations.
  • Enables improved chlorine monitoring for customer investigations after complaints.
  • This equipment can be serviced and maintained by water plc’s personnel, providing significant cost savings.
  • Equipment can be utilised over and over again at different sites.
  • Spares are easily available and parts are interchangeable providing good reliability.


  • Existing Q46 ATI monitor head reduced in size to fit in water tight box
  • Existing sensor utilised in water tight housing.
  • Uses a mobile data logger to transmit data onto a chosen website.
  • Data can be logged at site with separate logger for manual downloading.
  • Equipment can be installed in minutes.

For further details contact our Sales Team.

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