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Dissolved Ammonia Monitor

Lowest running cost monitor and it works at really low levels too

ATI Model Q45N

The dissolved ammonia monitor provides an innovative method for online monitoring of ammonia with lower costs and simpler equipment.

General issues and standard methods:

The increasing importance of continuous ammonia monitoring in water and wastewater streams for plant operations and process control also results in more expensive and labour intensive instruments.

How it works:

The dissolved ammonia monitor uses reaction chemistry that converts ammonia in solution to a stable monochloramine compound equivalent in concentration to the original ammonia level. The chloramine concentration is then measured with a unique amperometric sensor that responds linearly to chloramines while eliminating interference from excess free chlorine in solution.

Features and Benefits:

  • Electronic display and alarm package – the ammonia concentration is displayed on the large format LCD display with a secondary display for operating variables.
  • Measurement stability – Unlike typical ammonia SIE sensors subject to significant drift problems, the amperometric sensor provides excellent repeatability for long periods of time. And because the measurement utilizes chloramine conversion for measurement, the sample is inherently subjected to biocidal conditions, eliminating long term biofouling on the sensor.

Technical Specifications:

  • Measurement: Total ammonia (as NH3 - N)
  • Optional: Free Ammonia (as NH3) and Monochloramine
  • Sensor Type: Amperometric membraned cell
  • Ammonia Range: 0-2.000 PPM minimum, 0-10.00 PPM Maximum
  • Monochloramine Range: 0-10.00 PPM
  • Response Time: 90% in 120 seconds
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1 PPM or 2% of full scale

Please download the technical documentation for further details.

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