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Nephnet Portable Turbidity Monitor

NephNet is the first battery powered, portable turbidity monitor that is revolutionising the industry. It gives the same measurement performance as the more traditional fixed monitor - with no compromise on measurement.

The NephNet is used to control both responsive flushing and controlled, planned cleaning, which helps to safeguard water quality for consumers.  This new technology offers a string of benefits to help water companies control their mains flushing, including continuous remote monitoring of turbidity; better accuracy at lower levels; fast connection to water mains via hydrants; and wireless communications and alarms.

If the NephNet is permanently deployed it can also allow customers to track any issues, identify where problems are occurring and forewarn when any problems are likely to reach the customers.

NephNet features and benefits include:

  • Continuous remote monitoring of turbidity (every second)
  • Built-in 'automatic zero' technology that offers excellent resolution and better accuracy at lower levels , <0.100 NTU
  • Quick connection to water mains via hydrants
  • Wireless communications and alarms
  • Data accessed via secure website
  • Battery life for NephNet is over one year
  • Rechargeable battery for NephNet guarantees extended power longevity
  • Less water wastage
  • USB Data logging as standard
  • Tailor made telemetry
  • Optional LCD to assist with real time data visibility during flushing quick install
  • NephNet can be used on any existing logging devices (flow and pressure)
  • Simple maintenance and check - requires only annual servicing

Technical Specifications:

  • Range: 4/400 NTU (0-4.000, 0-40.00, 0-400.0)
  • Accuracy: ± 5% of reading or ± 0.02 NTU Whichever is greater
  • Linearity: 0.1% of F.S.
  • Operating Conditions: -20° to +55° C., 0-95% R.H. noncondensing.
  • Measurement angle: 90-degree scatter (nephelometric)
  • Response Time: 95% in 10 seconds
  • Sensor Power: 9-36 VDC
  • Sensor Temp. Limit: 0 - 50° C.
  • Sensor Pressure Limit: 0 - 10 bar
  • Sensor Output Range : 400 mV – 2000 mV
  • Connections: 7-conductor sensor cable, 1meters
  • Sensor Materials: Delrin body, Acrylicoptical windows
  • Flowcell Materials: PVC
  • Flowcell Connections: 6 mm tube fittings

Please download the Training Manual for further details.

In Depth Features:

Flow Cell

Air bubbles are a common problem in many turbidity systems.  The NephNet sensor is designed to operate under pressure to eliminate the sample degassing that often causes air bubble errors.  Sample pressure is not dropped until the sample exits the measuring chamber, resulting in more reliable measurements.

Simple Maintenance & Check

The NephNet has no moving parts to break down.  The auto zero adjusts means that the sensor will work with a level of contamination.  If the sensor needs cleaning and checking, the NephNet is designed to be easily unscrewed so that the lens can be seen and easily wiped with a non-abrasive cloth.  The flow cell can then be reassembled and checked with a level of about 50ml of non-formazene turbidity standard.

USB Data Logging

Data logging comes as standard with the NephNet.  The data can be stored every second and be increased if needed by the user at their discretion.  The USB logger is very easy to use and there are no issues with software or licenses.  Where telemetry fails (due to poor phone signal) the logger can be used as backup to secure the data the NephNet has provided.

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