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Peracetic Acid Monitor

Reagent free for wash water and process water applications

ATI Model Q45H-85

The peracetic acid monitor provides real time measurement of low levels of PAA solution, helping facilitate reliable chemical feed control for the disinfection system.

The oxidezer, parecetic acid (PAA), is widely used in the food industry for disinfection of piping & processing systems, cooling water systems, as well as spray washing of food products.

The peracetic acid monitor will help maintain proper residual values and provide effective pathogen control.

How it works:

The peracetic acid monitor uses a direct sensing polarographic probe, which is mounted in a flowcell, to measure PAA residuals in a flowing water stream.

A permeable diffusion membrane isolates the sensing electrodes from the measured sample, providing long-term stability without electrode fouling problems. The measurement is selective for PAA, and is not affected by changes in hydrogen peroxide in solution.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low maintenance – similar to other Q45H systems it utilises a membrane covered polarographic sensor, removing the requirement for the addition of chemical reagents. There aren’t any pumps or motors which reduces maintenance even further.

Technical Specifications:

  • Range:  0-20.00 PPM Minimum, 0-2000 PPM Maximum
  • Display:  Large Character LCD with LED back-light
  • Response Time:  90% in 150 seconds
  • Accuracy:  ± 0.5 PPM or 2% of Full Scale

Please download the technical documentation for further details.


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