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Carbon Dioxide

Who is at risk?

Carbon dioxide is widely used in breweries and in the manufacture of carbonated drinks which makes brewers and carbonated beverage workers particularly at risk of exposure.

Workers entering enclosed areas when cleaning out tanks and vats are susceptible to exposure to high levels of CO2




Low concentration of carbon dioxide are naturally present in the air and are not harmful to human health.

However, high concentrations displace oxygen in the air causing immediate breathing difficulties and rapid onset of exposure symptoms. In addition, carbon dioxide is both colourless and odourless making it difficult to detect

Acute Exposure

Concentration Effect
350 - 450 ppm Normal outdoor levels
1000 - 2500 ppm General drowsiness, dizziness and restlessness
30,000 ppm Breathing and pulse rate increase, nausea, vomiting
50,000 ppm Headaches and sight and hearing impairment and difficulty breathing
100,00 ppm Unconscious, convulsions and death

Exposure Controls & Protection

NFPA 704 Signal

  Hazard Value Description
Health 2 Moderately toxic or hazardous material.
Flammability 0 Will not burn under typical fire conditions.
Instability 0 Normally stable, even under fire conditions
Special -